BAFS Developing Curriculum

Beyond Academia Study Tracks:

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Poetic Constructs
PC1 Idiot’s Guide to Poetic Concepts (Clint Locks)
PC2 Chop Shop Toolbox / Speak the Truth (Marcus If)
PC2-1      Chop Shop II: Syntax / Verb Vibrant (Marcus If)
PC3 Poetic Constructs I: Evolution of Forms (& Poets) (Marcus If)
PC3-1      Sonetto: Queen of Forms (Marcus If)
PC3-2      Flash Fiction (Nancy Stohlman)
PC3-3      Drunken Haiku (Marcus If)
PC4 Poetic Constructs II: Verse Libre! (Marcus If)
PC4-1      Projective Verse Intensive (Marcus If)
PC4-2      Post-Millennial Poetics
PC4-3      Mimetic Experiments (Eric Fischman)
PC4-4      Confessional Poetics (Forrest Lotterhos / Ellie Swensson)
PC4-5      Political Poetry (Matt Clifford)
PC4-6      With Great Power (Eric Fischman)
PC4-7      Women’s Voices (Pamela Twining)
PC4-8      Celebrating Place (Andy Clausen)
PC4-9      Rewriting the Love Poem (Eric Fischman)
PC4-10    Workshop (Jack Collom)
PC5 The Art of Collaboration (Marcus If)
PC6 The Art of Storytelling (Rachael Ann Harding & Cooper Braun)

Bard Live
BL1 Stage Competence (Cooper Braun)
BL1-1      To Page or Not to Stage (Ira Liss)
BL2 Charismatic Presence
BL2-1      Find Your Bigger Self (Ira Liss)
BL2-2      Everyday Theatrics (Louise Jayne Moriarty)
BL2-3      Poet as Magickal Beast (Marcus If)
BL2-4      Slam Dynamics (Seth Walker)
BL3 Legendary Performance Characteristics (Marcus If & Ira Liss)
BL3-1      Street Theater Workshop (Ira Liss)
BL3-2      Love Shovel Poetry Troupe

Ontological Engineering
OE1 Consequences of Ontological Anarchy (Marcus If)
OE2 Architecture of the Human Bio-Computer (Marcus If)
OE2-1      Condensed Experience Poems
OE3 Introduction to Communications Theory (Marcus If)
OE3-1      MeToo! Alchemy (Jonathan Montgomery)
OE3-2      You Talkin’ To Me!? (Clint Locks)
OE4 NLP & Poetry: Programming Complex Behavior (Marcus If)
OE4-1      Eriksonian Language Patterns
OE4-2      Logos: The Magick Word
OE4-3      Advanced Audience Control (Seth Walker)
OE5 Re/Construction of Archetypes (Marcus If)

Esoteric Practice
EP1 Contemplative Writing (Roseanna Frechette)
EP1-1     Deep Concentration Meditation (Roseanna Frechette)
EP1-2     Poetry of Yoga (Roseanna Frechette)
EP1-3     Performance Meditation (Roseanna Frechette)
EP1-4     Writing Tadasana (Roseanna Frechette)
EP1-5    Flight from the Palm (June Lucarotti)
EP1-6     Chakra Charged Lines (Roseanna Frechette)
EP2 Chop Shop Challenge: Poetic Intuition vs. ChainS.A.W. (Marcus If)
EP2-1     Poetics of the Real World (Marcus If)
EP2-2     Writing from Altered Mental States
EP3 Bardic Magick I: Remembering the Future (Marcus If)
EP3-1     Poesis: Invocation of the Muse  (Caitlan Mitchell)
EP3-2     Apotheosis: Whereby Heroes Become Gods (Caitlan Mitchell)
EP4 Lecture: Alchemy of Mnemosyne & Hercules (Marcus If)
EP5 Bardic Magick II: Ritual Forms
EP5-1     Poetry as Spellcasting (Caitlan Mitchell)
EP6 Bardic Magick III: Source-ery

Writing Youth          (program in development)
WY-1 Playground Poetry for Toddlers
WY-2 Elementary Poetry for Elementary Skoolkids
WY-3 Word Jam Workshops for Young Adults
WY-4 At-Risk Youth Therapeutic Writing Program

Video Lectures          (coming soon!)
Introduction to BAFS (Marcus If)
Future of Education: Free Skools (Matt Clifford)
Charles Olson’s Projective Verse (Marcus If)
Sonetto: Queen of Forms (Marcus If)