BAFS Summer Poetry Camp 2018:

July 6th-15th

To Be Announced

To Be Anounced

2018 Camp Instructors:
To Be Anounced

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Course Descriptions

July 2018:

BAFS Camp @ Boulder Writers Warehouse Introductory Weekend:
abcdef ghijk lmnop — the Spaceman

BAFS Summer Poetry Camp @ Love Shovel Ranch:
abcdef ghijk lmnop — the Spaceman

Camp FAQ

Workshops will be held at both the Boulder Writers Warehouse and Love Shovel Ranch. Please remember these spaces are Temporary Autonomous Zones, Autonomous as in be Responsible for yrself and others. Clean up yr trash (including All cigarette butts), recycle yr empties, wash yr dishes. No grease or hair in the drains, NOTHING in the toilet that didn’t come out of yr body except TP. Love Shovel Ranch rests in the heart of the wilderness; Leave No Trace. Weather permitting, workshops are held outside in the grove, so keep in mind the following :

Boulder Writers Warehouse 2500 47th St., Boulder (next to Green Guru)
Love Shovel Ranch 722 Caribou Road, Nederland (behind Lilac hedge)

What to bring:

  • Enthusiasm!
  • Pen(S!) & Paper
  • Bug Spray & Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle. We have fresh spring water to refill.
  • Personal Fuel (Snack food, Real food, whiskey, coffee, tobacco, etc.)
  • Toiletries as necessary given yr duration
  • Layered Clothing. Bikini one minute & rain parka the next. Nights are chilly.
  • Picnic/Pass-out Blanket
  • Additional camping gear as necessary given yr duration. Folding Chair?
  • Toys, Costumes, & Curiosities
  • Condoms.

What not to bring:

Narcotics are not allowed at the Ranch. No pills, powders, daily dabbers thanks.
The Ranch is mostly young-child friendly, but not during workshops or parties.
Due to wildlife and distraction, no untrained dogs are allowed. No second chances.
Bigots of any kind are immediately ejected. No second chances.
Violence, including verbal, against any living being is not tolerated.

The Ranch is 420 & booze friendly. Overuse at workshops is a distraction for everyone.
There is No Smoking inside the Boulder Writers Warehouse.

Wish List!

  • Video Recording Equipment
  •  BAFSkool Computer
  • Computer Scanner
  • Coffee & Ciggies
  • Whiskey & Weed
  • Toilet Paper & Dish Soap
  • White Sugar for Hummingbirds
  • Food to share
  • Olive Oil, Butter, & Honey

Tax free donations to Beyond Academia LLC are humbly appreciated!