Love Shovel Ranch manifests as an economically backward anarchist / artists sanctuary located just outside of Nederland, Colorado, in the whopping Rocky Mountains. Philosophically gestated in the Black Mountain School, Merry Pranksters, San Francisco Diggers, Rebel Café & Temporary Autonomous Zone traditions, the ranch has been hosting painters, poets, motor-bikers, musicians, hermeticists, guerrilla ontologists & various other sundry folk for nearly 30 years behind a lilac hedge west of the Frozen Dead Guy. Communally we function as an anarcho-tyranny or a meritocracy, depending on weather &/or sobriety. We worship Truth in all her forms, but primarily as Myth.

Now aside from operating Nederland’s 70 ton Steam Shovel and otherwise cavorting about town, we host campfires & hayrides, wrangle gardens & critters, collaborate on games, songs, & poems, howl naked under the moon & wallow in sunlight during deep morning philosophical discussions over coffee & cannabis. Our goal is to enjoy & inspire each other to supra-social acts of creative madness. Every Wednesday night at 7:00 the Ranch hosts Big Pasta Dinner & Jug Shovel Jam; bring yr appetite & unwavering enthusiasm because you have been invited by the Spaceman.

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