The Ordo Poeticus Oracularum is the esoteric branch of Beyond Academia. We arrange the discordant secrets into viable understandings. It is from the exploration and scholarship of the OPO community that courses such as the Bardic Magick and the Ontological Engineering series have evolved, and continue to do so. The studies of the OPO include world-wide poetic & esoteric traditions – from ancient ecstatic worship of the Muse to Quantum Pseudo-Telepathy, from the promiscuous alleys of Ikkyu’s Red Thread to the vast libraries of Semiotics, riding out to Edge City with an inherent focus on Authentic Communication.

Ram Dass: Be Here Now
A. Crowley: Do what thou Wilt
Ikkyu: Eat, Drink, Fuck

Godhead: Bah!

Muse Rune – Modern Poetics Timeline

Mission Statement

A dedication of Honor
To worship the Truth in all her myriad forms.
A chorus of Authentic Communication
To champion ‘Right Speech’ : Poetry : Laughter!
An expansion of Archetypes
To decipher the hidden esoterics of the Muse.
A culture of Brotherhood
To vanguard the evolution of Homo Noeticus.