Hand Cut Poetry!

Founded in 1993 by John Wright and Marcus If, Boar Hog Press is in the business of publishing non-academic Colorado poets and writers. We seek to present in printed form such poems & writers that influence the local open readings. The format of our chapbooks is 4” x 5.25” portrait or landscape, making them easy to slide into yr pocket. Each book we produce takes approximately one man-hour to construct after the masters are printed. At Boar Hog we print, trim, bind, and Hand Cut our books right here at the Press, making each book a quirky work of art. Recently we have begun to print our books on 30% Hemp paper and cardstock. We do not accept open submissions, all of our authors are directly solicited by the editors.
Our annual journal the Love Shovel Review publishes up & coming talent and gives them a chance to work as editorial journeymen. The Review is noted for its graphic collage work and provocative content.
The current “Big Project” is to turn all of our publications into ebooks which you can read for free here at the LSR website. Hard Copy is available at the Beat Book Shop or Innisfree Poetry Bookstore in Boulder, and Blue Owl Books or Love Shovel Ranch in Nederland, and from the chapbook authors or editors of a particular Love Shovel Review issue.
Current Editorial Team:
Marcus If, Editor-in-Chief
Thomas Ivory Jr., Acting Editor

Boar Hog Press Catalog

Current Chapbooks:
“Entre Nous” Jessica Rigney, 2017
“13 Poems” Steve wh0, 2017
“Tail Spin: A Garter of Sonnets” Marcus If, 2012
“Square Feet” Marcus If, 1994

Love Shovel Review #7   “Summer Poetry Camp 2016”
2016, ed. Kelly Johnson, Matt Clifford
Love Shovel Review #6   “Summer Poetry Camp 2015”
2015, ed. Cicada Musselman, Thomas Ivory Jr.
Love Shovel Review #5   “3”
2015, ed. Caitlan Mitchell, Seth Walker
Love Shovel Review #4   “Dominance & Submission”
2014, ed. Sopa Garma, Taliesin Bozik
Love Shovel Review #3  “Miscommunication & Translation”
2014, ed. Forrest Lotterhaus, Mark Curci
Love Shovel Review #2
2013, ed. Caitlan Mitchell, Brandon Glanton
Love Shovel Review #1
2012, ed. Thomas Ivory Jr., Marcus If

Out of Print:
“A Cabin in the Woods: translations of Suibne the Mad” John Wright, 1995
“A Bird on a Wire” Pat Ellis Taylor, 1995
“The Genericon” Rev. Dr. Todd Morrison, 1994
“Brag from South Arapahoe Peak” John Wright, 1994
“Contraband” Marcus If, 1993
“The First Last Rag” Anthology, Marcus If ed., 1990