Beyond Academia LLC was incorporated as a not-for-profit financial entity in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado, by the core faculty of the all-volunteer Beyond Academia Free Skool.  The BA-LLC mission is to provide funding for the numerous BAFS instructors and increase the presence of poetry and the performing arts in free-to-the-public community spaces, through such paid programs as Playground Poetry, the Poets on Pearl Street, and Featured Performances.  It is the stated goal of BA-LLC that all BAFS workshops and Community Presence programs remain free to the public, while also providing compensation to the professionals leading these events through community grants and donations.

Beyond Academia is funded largely (we hope) by a Small Organization Operational Grant from the Boulder Community Cultural Plan, administered as a 501c3 Non-Profit for us by (we hope) the Boulder County Arts Alliance.  In the interest of complete transparency, our operational documents are available for review at the links below.

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