On March 17th, 2017, the Beyond Academia LLC Board of Directors unanimously approved the following agenda. On March 21st, 2017, Beyond Academia LLC was incorporated with the Secretary of State of Colorado.

LLC First Board Meeting Agenda
1.) Marcus If, Acting Secretary for this meeting.
2.) Elect Board Officers.
Marcus If, Chairman
Matt Clifford, Treasurer
3.) Confirm proper individual information in Bylaws.
4.) Sign Bylaws, Code of Conduct, and Conflict of Interest form.
5.) Vote to approve Bylaws and Incorporate.
6.) First Act of Board: Nominate Jack Collom as 1st Boulder Poet Laureate.
7.) Approve paid Staff positions.
Social Media Director Jonathan Montgomery
Program Coordinator Marcus If
Summer Camp Director Cicada Musselman
Webmasters Jonathan Montgomery & Taliesin Bozik
Lead Grantwriter Clint Locks
CPA Matt Clifford
Legal Review
8.) Approve funding to Independent Entities
Poets on Pearl project
Bouldering Poets or similar
Boulder Writers Warehouse
Boulder Poetry Tribe website #1
BAFS/LSR/Boar Hog Press website #2
9.) Approve Budget.
10.) Approve current volunteer Staff.
BAFS Current Dept. Chairs
BAFS Headmaster – Marcus If
Summer Camp Director – Cicada Musselman
Ontological Engineering – Marcus If
Contemplative Poetics – Roseanna Frechette
MeToo! Poetics – Jonathan Montgomery
Flash Fiction – Nancy Stohlman
Esoteric Poetics – Caitlan Mitchell
Ridiculousity – Ira Liss
BAFS Current Instructors
Marcus If, Nancy Stohlman, Roseanna Frechette, Clint Locks,Matt Clifford,
Jonathan Montgomery, Caitlan Mitchell, Eric Fischman,Ira Liss, Ellie Swensson,
June Lucarotti, Cooper Braun, Seth Walker, Rachel Ann Harding,
Louise Jayne Moriarty, Thomas R. Peters Jr.,
Pre-Approval for potential BAFS Future Instructors
This list remains confidential.
BAFS Webmaster – Taliesin Bozik
Boulder Poetry Tribe Webmaster – Jonathan Montgomery
Boar Hog Press Acting Editor – Thomas Ivory Jr.
Bouldering Poets Host – Caroline Swanson
Fbomb Curator – Nancy Stohlman