Beyond Academia LLC is the parent business that funds BAFS and our Community Presence programs. Since we never charge admission for our events, we rely entirely on the generosity of our community to support our Instructors and Featured Performers. While much of our budget comes from the larger donors listed below, even a financially disadvantaged individual can participate by becoming a Supporting Member of the Free Skool for just $20.

Primary Donors

Fiscal Sponsor

Brown Endowment $10,000
Private Donation   Black & Grey Magazine

Small Green Business Members

Stasia Press

Supporting Members

(Chronological Order)

Jessica Rigney
Jonathan Montgomery – Boulder Poetry Tribe
Punch Drunk Press Ltd.
Mark Curci
Caitlan Mitchell
Brendyn Beaver
Sarah Rodriguez
Cicada Musselman
Clint A. Locks
Nancey Stohlman
Marcus If
Jack Collom
Pamela Twining
Thomas R. Peters Jr.
Ira Liss
Andy Clausen
Rachel Anne Harding
Cooper Braun-Enos
Eric Fischman
June Lucarotti
Roseanna Frechette
Matt Clifford
Brian Utesch