Clint Locks

Chair of Entry-Level Courses
Beyond Academia LLC Board of Directors Founding Member

Clint Locks works as a high school English literature and composition teacher in Jeffco Public Schools and previously in Boulder Valley Public Schools. He earned BAs in education/psychology from Howard Payne University, and his M.Ed. from University of Phoenix. He currently serves on the BA board of directors and as a BAFS instructor and head of Entry-Level courses (Genesis of Exodus/Leave It Be ‘Cause Numbness Doo Doo Rot In Me). Clint also created the Brownwood Open Mic Music & Poetry group, and and is the author of a few cheap-ass self-published poetry chapbook entitled “Paper Clips”, and one real-live published collection entitled This Ocean Used to be A Desert, (Baobob Press, 2009). He also works as a rock climbing guide at The Colorado Mountain School and an instructor at the Boulder Rock Club. He owns a Bolivian Spotted Newt, one fish, two children, and a thumb piano.

Clint performs his work fully clothed at The Laughing Goat and other venues around the Boulder/Denver area, and completely naked in his shower and occasionally on his front porch. Clint’s poems range from quirky little romps to reflective, spiritual musings. Whatever the style, his work reflects a familiar something in our collective human experience. He believes it is this collected scattered-ness that brings us all together, edging us on good days ever closer toward the passionate focus of his writing: The Grand Reconciliation, both on a personal and universal level. When asked to comment on his artistic process, he simply replied: “Grewlett Kimlin lives. Eat the flowers. Pick only your friends for Red Rover, and the smallest kid first. I expect that will clear up any questions.”


Rocket Ship [or “from the blood-red surface of Mars. desolate and demure”]

I loved you the first time I saw you.
Through the gullet of deep, dark space,
From a different world, in my free time Eeked out between the fueling of space crafts
And the testing of the atmosphere For ion particulates,
I attempted to locate Venus Through the silver barrel telescope
I borrowed from the indigenous people.
They weren’t using it; it was a holiday.
Through the lens of that Martian telescope,
I loved you from the first time I saw you….

When I arrive, when I finally arrive,
I will hold my ears and Send up a flare
From my crash-landing zone.
Red lipstick rising through Gray plumes of exhaust.
Send me the directions in code
To my smart phone.
Spell every word really slowly.
Lock your door tight To protect from little intrusions.
And wait for me.

Still holding my breath.

On Venus, everything’s warmer Everything’s closer and softer.

Yes, I love you and would love To see Venus up close someday—
To break through the clouds In my silver red spaceship,
Land on the undulating surface With the smell of cinnamon,
Lavender, pink cotton candy, Two half-moons mostly obscured,
The colors of the juiciest peaches.

Knock on your door Weighing way too much, then Slip inside your atmosphere And, weightless,
Finally exhale.

Space exploration is fun.

Haiku for the Mathematically Challenged

I love her so much.
The street lights are new­born stars
I love her so, so much.