Eliza is a poet, painter, parent, and musician.  They are a college drop out who has helped organize Denver Free School, community gardens and poetry and music events in Denver including The Poetry Rodeo and Park Hill Hub.  They are a guest poet with Art from Ashes, which teaches poetry workshops to struggling youth.  They have hung art in multiple Denver venues, performed poetry with bands such as Black Market Translation and Art Compost and the Word Mechanics and performed as a solo singer/songwriter at Punchapalooza. They have been a featured reader at Denver Erotic Poetry Festival, Punketry and Jazzetry.  Eliza has had poetry published by Suspect Press, and has a poem in Punch Drunk Press’ anthology.  They are on a constant quest to translate the human experience into art that is accessible and meaningful.  Through unabashed vulnerability, they hope to inspire others to tap into the depths of themselves and create meaning in their art and life.