Maddy Koifish is an enigma. Is an enemy of both sides of the gun. He does not party with politics, policies, or policemen. He believes we behave as we are told, and to think otherwise is to ensure immenant collapse into the system (be careful what you believe – Big Brother is watching you). He pays his taxes on time, routinely. Drives his parents car. Makes nice with the ghosts that haunt his past and present. Madison has spent the last 2 years learning how to steal: audio, visuals, text…and it’s easier than you think. He’s teaching this course because he knows someone out there that’s just as willing to steal the things he wants as he is.

Join the cause and put down your arms.
Walk into the apocalypse with a smile.

And don’t forget. This is all a simulation anyways.

Find his voice on Facebook at Maddy Koifish, his work on Instagram @followthekoifish, or at his sounds on SoundCloud at FreakshowStudios.

He is the managing editor of SpitPoet Zine.

See you on the bench of the winning team.