The X-Rated Bodhisattva: Red Thread Zen & D/s Relationships
by Marcus If, Spring 2010

God & man. Master & apprentice. Elder & student. Management & wageslave. Performer & audience. Dominant & submissive. Ontology of hierarchy. Roles we play together. Coin has two sides, yin & yang. A way to make a Whole. Recognized, it is Law & Chaos freely manipulable by the avatars. The Only Dance There Is. So much more than Playtime!

Why choose such roles? For Love, for team, for partnership. A means of expression, a division of the labor of devotion. Be archetype. Give it your All. Submissive is pure beautiful unconditional Bhakti/devotion. Dominant is unstoppable compassionate Karma/action. Self & Ox for both. Forget yourselves together. Feeding the hunger of each other, reveling in the Appetite. Never starving, the Cornucopia feeds us our souls.

Red Thread zen has it’s cake & eats it too. Form in the Formless. There is Reason to our individuality, it is the Gift of sentience. That we might distinguish color, beauty, ugly. That, knowing we are free, we might play in the illusion. Have parties in all the chakras, tight-sphinctered as much as open-hearted. Ontology our favorite tool, for what if we claim that this is that or something else or not at all? If only we agree to the same ‘insanity’ it shall be jubilee!

Red Thread Needs nothing, can Have everything. Red Thread is Dominant or submissive because it can be, because a moment is called for, a Decision. Let’s make a Fiction. Red Thread has complete Faith in itself, it loves it’s Fear as much as it’s appetite. Fear that keeps us from enjoying samsara, fear that stalks our every enlightened move, fear that is our little friend along the way. Like every Passion, a moment of experience. To Love your Fear is all you’ll ever Need.

Red Thread is not a solo trip to enlightenment. Red Thread is home of the x-rated bodhisattva, no limits implied or otherwise. Red Thread is Taking, & Giving, Red Thread is a poem happening. Red Thread is Witnessing open hearts merge, create personae, accomplish wonders Together. Bhakti the motive, Karma the result. Change occurs, occupied. Everybody gets to drive. We are our own ‘objects’ of worship.

We must recognize that we are never equals, except in that we are the Same. At any given Moment between two or more sentients One will be surfing the river of Tao more in tune to the Groove than the Other(s). This is the natural state of the Flow of Tao. Not a ‘cause’ to bemoan. Would you realize movement if there was no turbulence? At these moments either Bhakti or Karma is the appropriate response. The Dance of power in a D/s relationship is the honoring of both energies as they are needed. The role of Dominant is not always ‘on top’. The joy of the D/s relationship is the embodiment of these energies. Become their avatars. The goal is Authentic communication within the Tao.

Red Thread says that if you wish to work with duality, then truth exists in how extreme you can make the poles. The junkie’s Dilemma. Gender. Power. Gluttony. These are toys. Learning instruments. Challenges. The koans of Red Thread. They can only be Worked, not ignored, explained away. In a relationship all the chakras must work together, there is no Power without Fear and Open Heart and Fair Witness. D/s relations accept and capitalize on this. Power is the playground of Red Thread. Power over Self. Power over Other. Power is Love’s paintbrush. Giving & Taking of Power. Power is the most ridiculous Illusion. The Power of the Poem.