roseanna_deadorchidscdrelease.3kingsChair of Contemplative Poetics 
Beyond Academia LLC Board of Directors Founding Member

Roseanna Frechette is in love with words. Written. Spoken. Published. Or not. It’s all about words on page and energy on stage. Featured in a range of venues including rock shows, public TV, and art festivals, she has great passion for the beauty of spoken word delivered… live.

Longtime member of Denver’s thriving poetry community and former publisher of Rosebud Forum magazine, she holds great passion for the power of small press and all things alternative and independent when it comes to art.

Showcased on a variety of regional stages including Arise Music Festival, Colorado Poetry Rodeo, and Boulder Fringe Festival, Roseanna is a frequent guest host for Mercury Café’s Jam Before the Slam and a respected participant in the open mic scenes of Denver and Boulder.

Interpretive dancer and yogi as well as fiction writer and poet, her integrative style reflects both a respectful love of nature and a bohemian appreciation for urban culture. Roseanna’s performances and presentations are vibrant and dynamic, as she allows her voice to be heard through story, song, and poems ever changing.

Westword’s 100 Colorado Creatives: Roseanna Frechette

Sample Work:

Mountain Writing Itself

Human words cannot save this
as rivers of raindrops, like tears,
travel ridges back up to red sky.

Breath of wind in my trees
singing blues/wild heart pulsing
black rock unconsidered.

Still, Heavy
I Scream.

Caving into blue/black
no one finds me.
I gather my flocks and my herds
into this time this time THIS
TIME what’s here not safe.

We stop in our tracks.