“Neobeat slam poet Seth Walker’s words were a perfect counterpoint to the message at hand. With lyrics that celebrated triumph of the spirit over the degradation of life circumstances, Walker engaged the audience and, hopefully, galvanized them to take up the cause even after the show was over.”
Melonie Magruder | The Malibu Times

“Floating above the seas of disposable ideas and so-called “news” presented by supposed “Fair and Balanced” hucksters, Seth Walker brings it real, raw and unrelentingly. His spoken word is emotional but not over-wrought; to the point but not simplistic. Seth Walker is a walkabout version of the evening news. In a world of false messengers, Seth is the real thing.”
Kenn Rodriguez | National Poetry Slam Champion

In November 2007 Seth Walker was Houston’s premiere national poet and had just claimed Grand Slam Champion, he then left Houston to follow his art and travel across the country to find it…

Since then Seth has performed at nearly every major venue in the country including Da Poetry Lounge (Hollywood, CA), The Green Mill (Chicago, IL), & The Nuyorican (New York, NY). Along the way he won several noteworthy titles such as: Slam Champion of the Utah State Arts Fair Poetry Slam (2009), North Beast Indie Slam Champion (North-Eastern Regional 2010), slamming with the 2010 Austin Poetry Slam Team, as well as as slamming with Denver’s Slam NUBA in 2012.

While traveling with rotating national artists, this notorious “road dog” poet traveled 10 to 11 months out of the year, dedicating his art to whomever he meets. In 2012 he took 1st place for Denver’s famous Cafe NUBA at the I.W.P.S. Competition, making Seth Walker their Individual World Poetry Slam Champion for 2012. Seth has been teaching and working with the Beyond Academia Free Skool since its beginning in 2012.


While traveling, Seth worked tirelessly to give back as much as possible to the communities that need it most by:

-Teaching writing & performance workshops for High Schools, Colleges, & Universities
-Enriching young minds with college lectures on social relevance of new forming arts
-Organizing festivals & working with preexisting festivals to promote the underground arts, such as the Salt Lake City Freedom Fest 2011 & Desert Rocks Music Fest 2012
-Supporting & Oganizing rallies, fundraisers & events for Not-for-Profit organizations, churches, community groups, and legitimate activist organizations for various social & political causes
-Teaming up with national organizations like planned parenthood to promoting noble causes like free HIV testing & safe sex education
-Performing in support of social justice causes such as: drug rehabilitation facilities, free aid for domestic abuse victims (with charities such as H.A.W.C. (Houston Area Women’s Center))

“Come, Come Young Prophet”

Come come young prophet
The wind has whispered a calling for you
This is the message in a bottle you have been waiting for

It is your time
The asphalt is thirsty for your foot kisses
The battle-grounds, satiated with blood, no longer call your name with youth’s obligation
But, your homeland still calls your name with youth’s obligation

Come come young prophet
Bring your quivering lip to megaphone
Hand to pen, pen to pad, pad to booth, booth to viral revolution

Feed us your truth through a youtube channel
Your pain, through a dub step screech track
Your love by forgiving the stagnant generation above you who made the world,
it is your job to clean up

come come radical thinker
outspoken as you are, you will never scream louder than you are justified
you are justified in every window smashed in revolt

your chains are not fashion
fascism no longer passable as a democracy
corporations own more of your mind than your parents
you are the only one who has the power to speak for you

speak louder, young prophet; louder, young prophet
when the pharoses ask for your validation
remind them that you are speaking on behalf of the winds of change

if they cannot hear the tide rolling in, ignore their deaf ears
act in ways their eyes cannot deny,
dance on their harbors till the Jericho walls fall
make the world you want to live in underneath their upturned noses

come come young prophet
breath the breath of newness back into our right now
remind us of the dream language we forgot with our full-time bills

our shekels are addictive;
our eyes, too old to notice the dying inside we’ve grown to call normal
sometimes, the only way to free a slave
is to burn down the plantation