Thanks for having an interest in teaching for Beyond Academia. We are always interested in new seasoned instructors to expand our Curriculum. The best way to begin is to find a Board Member or other Instructor to recommend you to the Board of Directors. The Board will then review your lesson plan and determine the suitability of your class(es) for one of our Study Tracks. In the near future we hope to add new Study Tracks, so don’t be afraid to begin a conversation if your material doesn’t quite fit in with our current Curriculum.

Our Guest Instructor program fills two roles. First, it allows us to bring in notable out-of-town instructors to supplement our core faculty. Please give the Board ample notice of your requested dates in these cases. Second, in order to encourage novice instructors, we may offer an opportunity to teach at BAFS. Usually we require that novice instructors volunteer for their first class (as every Board member has). If that ‘probationary’ class is successfully conducted, future workshops will receive the standard wage.

Once the Board has agreed to contract with you to teach for BAFS, your course will be posted on our internet sign-up sheet (pending) and Curriculum. It will be the Instructor’s responsibility to promote their class (& others please) until there are 8 people signed up. At that point your class will be scheduled and Beyond Academia will also begin promoting your class.

To apply for a teaching position, assemble the following prospectus and submit it to the Board of Directors. Please include a Course Title, brief Course Description (for the Curriculum page), Lesson Plan Outline, Bio/Photos/Links/Sample Work (for the Instructors page), and a brief Letter of Intent telling us why you would like to teach for BAFS. Documents submitted should be in .doc, .pdf, and ,jpg formats, no .docx thank you. Please also review the additional legal requirements of the contract below.

BAFS Teacher Contract