BAFS Summer Poetry Camp 2017: 

A primary question in contemporary poetics is whether to write for the page, the stage, or both. It is often evident at our local open readings which choice the authors have made for their poems, and sometimes for the main body of their work. Given the potential powerful effect a poem can have, we at BAFS feel it is necessary to understand and control our influence on an audience. By what mechanisms does the page translate to the stage? Can a piece written for the stage be as powerful on the page? Further, given the current tense political climate, it may become necessary for Poets to take the Streets as well as the Stage. What is the responsibility of the oratory poet in modern society where the presumed checks & balances can now be ignored or bought?

In order to appropriately consider these questions, BAFS Summer Poetry Camp will take place in four stages. The first will be our Introductory Weekend over the ‘Independence’ Day holiday at Boulder Writers Warehouse. This will be a great time for those new to the Skool to become acquainted with our practices and jargon. Also notably Jack Collom will be offering a free workshop over this weekend. Beginning July 7th, ten days of intense writing will start at Love Shovel Ranch with the Performance & Collaboration weekend, including the notorious Drunken Haiku Competition and ending with the Full Moon Alley Howl in Boulder. Our Forms Week will follow, where we will begin working with Storytelling and delve deeper into Flash Fiction, among other ideas. Our final weekend will focus on Esoteric Practices & Activism, with the high point Saturday night of the annual Black Market Translation ‘improvisational punk’ dance party.

Some things are worth fore-noting. Both the Storytelling and Flash Fiction workshops are two-part classes; please be prepared. There will be a BAFS Teacher Feature on the 10th, and a BAFS Student Feature on the 17th, both at the Laughing Goat in Boulder. Most workshops occur in the afternoons, but there are numerous nighttime events as well. Camp schedule is subject to minor changes until mid-June, all course descriptions will be posted by end of May. Please read the Camp FAQ below.

2017 Camp Instructors:
Andy Clausen, Matt Clifford, Jack Collom, Eric R. Fischman, Roseanna Frechette, Marcus If, Ira Liss, Clint A. Locks, June Lucarotti, Caitlan Mitchell, Thomas R. Peters Jr, Nancy Stohlman, Pamela Twining, and Cooper Braun & Rachel Ann Harding.

Instructor Profiles

Course Descriptions

June 2017:

Friday, June 9th: Strawberry Full Moon Midnight Alley Howl — Boulder
Saturday, June 10th:  Hempin’ on the Mountain — Love Shovel Ranch
Sunday, June 11th- July 1st:  JKS Summer Writing Program — Naropa
Wednesday, June 21st: Big Pasta Solstice — Love Shovel Ranch

July 2017:

BAFS Camp @ Boulder Writers Warehouse Introductory Weekend:
Friday, June 30th: 6:30pm Poets on Pearl/Richard Brautigan — Hosted by Rob Geisen
Saturday, July 1st: 10am-1pm You Talkin’ to Me — Clint A. Locks
2pm-5pm Introduction to Flash Fiction — Nancy Stohlman
Sunday, July 2nd: 10am-1pm Chop Shop 1: Speak the Truth — Marcus If
2pm-5pm Workshop — Jack Collom
7pm-11pm Mercury Cafe Open/Slam Reading
Monday July 3rd: 2-5pm Women’s Voices — Pamela Twining
8pm-11pm Andy Clausen & Pamela Twining Feature Reading @ Laughing Goat
Tuesday, July 4th: 10am-7pm LSR Runs The Steam Shovel @ Nederland Mining Museum
7pm? Independence Day Reading @ Innisfree Poetry Bookstore

BAFS Summer Poetry Camp @ Love Shovel Ranch:
Friday, July 7th: Evening BAFS Secret Orientation Party 
Saturday, July 8th: 10am-1pm Legendary Performance Characteristics — Marcus If & Ira Liss
2pm-5pm To Stage or not to Page? — Ira Liss
Evening Drunken Haiku Competition
Sunday July 9th: 10am-1pm Art of Collaboration — Marcus If
2pm-5pm Celebrating Place — Andy Clausen
Midnight Full Moon Alley Howl
Monday, July 10th: 1pm-4pm Introduction to Storytelling @ BWW
— Cooper Braun & Rachel Ann Harding
8pm-11pm BAFS Teacher Feature @ Laughing Goat + Workshop w/ Thom Peters to start
Tuesday, July 11th: 1pm-4pm Rewriting the Love Poem — Eric R. Fischman
7pm-9pm Punketry @ Mutiny Cafe in Denver
Wednesday, July 12th: 1pm-4pm Sculpting Flash Fiction — Nancy Stohlman
7pm Big Pasta Dinner and Open Mic
Thursday, July 13th: 1pm-4pm Flight From the Palm – June Lucarotti
Evening ???
Friday, July 14th: 1pm-4pm Chakra Charged Lines — Roseanna Frechette
Dusk Bardic Magick I: Remembering the Future  — Marcus If
Saturday, July 15th: 1pm-4pm Poetry as Spellcasting — Caitlan Mitchell
Dusk Black Market Translation Show
Sunday, July 16th: 1pm-4pm When Hawks Fuck — Matt Clifford
7pm Mercury Café Open/Slam Reading
Monday, July 17th: 1pm-4pm Introduction to Storytelling 2 @ BWW
— Cooper Braun & Rachel Ann Harding
8pm-11pm BAFS Student Feature @ Laughing Goat+ Workshop w/ Thom Peters to start
abcdef ghijk lmnop — the Spaceman

Possible After-Camp Weekend
Saturday, July 22nd: 1pm-4pm — Flight from the Palm 2 – June Lucarotti — OTHER STUFF
Sunday, July 23rd:    Love Shovel Review Collage Party  — OTHER STUFF?

Camp FAQ

Workshops will be held at both the Boulder Writers Warehouse and Love Shovel Ranch. Please remember these spaces are Temporary Autonomous Zones, Autonomous as in be Responsible for yrself and others. Clean up yr trash (including All cigarette butts), recycle yr empties, wash yr dishes. No grease or hair in the drains, NOTHING in the toilet that didn’t come out of yr body except TP. Love Shovel Ranch rests in the heart of the wilderness; Leave No Trace. Weather permitting, workshops are held outside in the grove, so keep in mind the following :

Boulder Writers Warehouse 2500 47th St., Boulder (next to Green Guru)
Love Shovel Ranch 722 Caribou Road, Nederland (behind Lilac hedge)

What to bring:

  • Enthusiasm!
  • Pen(S!) & Paper
  • Bug Spray & Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle. We have fresh spring water to refill.
  • Personal Fuel (Snack food, Real food, whiskey, coffee, tobacco, etc.)
  • Toiletries as necessary given yr duration
  • Layered Clothing. Bikini one minute & rain parka the next. Nights are chilly.
  • Picnic/Pass-out Blanket
  • Additional camping gear as necessary given yr duration. Folding Chair?
  • Toys, Costumes, & Curiosities
  • Condoms.

What not to bring:

Narcotics are not allowed at the Ranch. No pills, powders, daily dabbers thanks.
The Ranch is mostly young-child friendly, but not during workshops or parties.
Due to wildlife and distraction, no untrained dogs are allowed. No second chances.
Bigots of any kind are immediately ejected. No second chances.
Violence, including verbal, against any living being is not tolerated.

The Ranch is 420 & booze friendly. Overuse at workshops is a distraction for everyone.
There is No Smoking inside the Boulder Writers Warehouse.

Wish List!

  • Video Recording Equipment
  •  BAFSkool Computer
  • Computer Scanner
  • Coffee & Ciggies
  • Whiskey & Weed
  • Toilet Paper & Dish Soap
  • White Sugar for Hummingbirds
  • Food to share
  • Olive Oil, Butter, & Honey

Tax free donations to Beyond Academia LLC are humbly appreciated!