BAFS 5th Annual Summer Poetry Camp

July 6th-16th

Synchro-Mythological Poetics

img_6096   Synchronized Mythology describes a type of telepathy between two or more people. In a group with a shared mythological background, external stimuli can trigger synchronized reactions. This can be illustrated by the typical Gen X reaction to the song “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which includes maximizing song volume and bellowing along with it. Two Gen Xers may have the same instantaneous synchronized reaction to perform this behavior, much like Pavlov’s dogs. However, given human self-awareness, a level of telepathic communication in the shared reaction occurs. We know the other person(s) is thinking the same thing at the same time, we can each feel it.

   Poetry has the capacity to create synchro-mythologic event triggers without the need for a common mythology. A great poem will create its own internal mythology to draw the reader in, using perhaps a minimum of cultural triggers. “A Red Wheelbarrow” held no real cultural significance until the poem created a new mythology.

   Beyond Academia’s Synchro-Mythological Poetics Summer Camp will explore some of the ways we can build these experiences into our own poetry. Camp will begin with an introductory weekend at the Boulder Public Library, including two workshops specifically for kids. As the week progresses, we will delve deeper into both Eastern and Western ideas on how to create shared meaning. Almost every workshop will include extensive writing practice. Half a dozen new instructors will grace our teaching field, and staple events such as the Drunken Haiku Competition, Black Market Translation improvisational punk show, and of course numerous readings will keep us energized after classes. As always, BAFS events are free to attend.

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2018 Camp Instructors

Reed Bye, Matt Clifford, Eric Fischman, Roseanna Frechette, Marcus If, Ira Liss, Clint Locks, June Lucarotti, Brice Mauirro, Jessica Rigney, Sarah Rodriguez, Ellie Swensson, Seth Walker, Eliza Beth Whittington

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Sunday,_June 10th  
7pm BPL “Second Sundays” workshop — Sarah Rodriguez
Thursday,_June 28th  
11:58pm Aley Full Moon Alley Howl/Reading — Morrison Alley, Boulder
Saturday, June 30th  
6:30pm Perl June 30th Brautigan Reading — Hosted by Rob Geisen, Pearl Street Mall Courthouse, Boulder
Wednesday,_July 4th  
7pm LSR Big Independence Pasta Dinner — Hosted by LSR Crew

BAFS Summer Poetry Camp:

Friday, July 6th  
7pm TBA Secret Orientation Party — TBA
Saturday, July 7th  
10am-1pm BPL Seeking Inspiration — Kids Workshop, Sarah Rodriguez
2-6pm BPL Gummy Bear Death Match —Brice Maiurro
8pm LSR Drunken Haiku Competition — Hosted by Marcus If
Sunday, July 8th  
12-2pm BPL Mountain Strong: Family Yoga & Storytelling —Kids Workshop, June Lucarotti
2-6pm BPL “Second Sundays” workshop — Marcus If
7pm Merc Jam B4 the Slam: BAFS Edition — Hosted by Roseanna Frechette, Mercury Café, Denver
Monday, July 9th  
1-4pm LSR Page//StageEllie Swensson
9pm Chpl BAFS Teacher Feature & Open — Hosted by Tom Peters, Wesley Chapel, Boulder
Tuesday, July 10th  
1-4pm LSR Direct Perception as Seed of Poetry — Reed Bye
7pm Inis Spit Poet Open Mic — Hosted by Caito Foster, Innisfree Café, Boulder
7pm Mtny Punketry — Hosted by Brice Maiurro, Mutiny Info Café, Denver
Wednesday,_July 11th  
10am-1pm LSR The Magic Circle: Writing as Game Design and the Lusory Attitude — Eric Fischman
2-5pm LSR Poetry 101Clint Locks
7pm LSR Big Pasta Dinner — Hosted by LSR Crew
Thursday, July 12th  
10-1pm LSR Concepts of Tarot — Seth Walker
2-5pm LSR “Of the Body” — Jessica Rigney
7pm  Beet Weekly Open Mic, Corner Beet/Denver
7pm  Dair Dairy Poetry Open Mic ft. Seth Walker & Ellie Swensson, Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder
Friday, July 13th  
10am-1pm LSR Synchro-Mythological Poetics — Marcus If
2-5pm LSR Sourcery: Poetic Occultism -or- Occult Poetry — Seth Walker
7pm LSR Fireside Open Reading — Hosted by Thomas Ivory
Saturday, July 14th  
10am-1pm LSR When Fucks FuckMatt Clifford
2-5pm LSR Chakra Charged LinesRoseanna Frechette
8pm LSR Black Market Translation show — Hosted by BMT & LSR Crew
Sunday, July 15th  
10am-1pm LSR Exaggeration Breakfast — Hosted by Ira Liss & Marcus If
2-5pm LSR Performing Your Creativity — Ira Liss
5:30pm LSR Inkwell Allstars and Open-mic Contest — Seth W, Roseanna F, William SB, BookBar, Denver
7pm Merc Jam B4 the Slam Open — Hosted by Gregory SETH Harris, Mercury Café, Denver
Monday, July 16th  
10am LSR Collage Party — Hosted by LSR crew
1-4pm LSR Channeling Your CreativityEliza Beth Whittington
9pm Chpl BAFS Student Feature & Open — Hosted by Tom Peters, Wesley Chapel, Boulder

Camp FAQ

Workshops will be held at both the Boulder Public Library’s Arapahoe Room and Love Shovel Ranch. Please remember these spaces are Temporary Autonomous Zones, Autonomous as in be Responsible for yrself and others. Clean up yr trash (including All cigarette butts), recycle yr empties, wash yr dishes. No grease or hair in the drains, NOTHING in the toilet that didn’t come out of yr body except TP. Love Shovel Ranch rests in the heart of the wilderness; Leave No Trace. Weather permitting, workshops are held outside in the grove, so keep in mind the following :

Boulder Public Library Arapahoe Meeting Room; 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder
Love Shovel Ranch 722 Caribou Road, Nederland (behind Lilac hedge)

What to bring:

  • Enthusiasm!
  • Pen(S!) & Paper
  • Bug Spray & Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle. We have fresh spring water to refill.
  • Personal Fuel (Snack food, Real food, whiskey, coffee, tobacco, etc.)
  • Toiletries as necessary given yr duration
  • Layered Clothing. Bikini one minute & rain parka the next. Nights are chilly.
  • Picnic/Pass-out Blanket
  • Additional ‘camping gear’ as necessary given yr duration. Folding Chair?
  • Toys, Costumes, & Curiosities
  • Condoms.
  • Poetry Schwag

What not to bring:

Narcotics are not allowed at the Ranch. No pills, powders, daily dabbers thanks.
The Ranch is mostly young-child friendly, but not during workshops or parties.
Due to wildlife and distraction, no untrained dogs are allowed. No second chances.
Bigots of any kind are immediately ejected. No second chances.
Violence, including verbal, against any living being is not tolerated.

The Ranch is 420 & booze friendly. Overuse at workshops is a distraction for everyone.
Please be polite and discrete when smoking around the Boulder Public Library.

Wish List!

  • Audio/Video Recording Equipment – (wireless/)microphone!
  • BAFSkool Laptop – Urgent!
  • Computer Scanner
  • Coffee & Ciggies
  • Whiskey & Weed
  • Toilet Paper & Dish Soap
  • White Sugar for Hummingbirds
  • Food to share
  • Olive Oil, Butter, & Honey

Tax free donations to Beyond Academia LLC are humbly appreciated!

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