Timeline Modern Poetics

Modern Poetics

1080        Rise of the Nizari Ismaelis

1124        Hasan-i-sabbah dies at Alamut

1129        Knights Templar founded

1202        Liber Abbaci Fibonacci, introduces Arabic numerals & Hindi/Arabic decimal system

1207        Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī born in Persia

1225        Sonetto form, Giacomo da Lentino in court of Holy Roman Emp. Frederick II

                                also in the same court: the canzone

                Fibonacci comes to Fred’s court, meets the crew    

1256        Alamut sacked by Mongols

1265        Dante Alighieri born in Florence

1273        Rumi dies

1274        Dante meets Beatrice, age 9, love at first sight, sees her frequent in street age 18 onward

1294        La Vita Nuova Dante, world’s 1st known Sonnet Sequence


1304        De vulgari eloquentia Dante on development of vernacular Lit, 1st discussion of sonnets

                Francesco Petrarca born, Dante was father’s friend

1308        Dante begins Divine
, invents terza rima

1312        Knights Templar disbanded by Pope
Clement V (began in France 1307 witch-hunts)

1321        Dante dies, end Divine Comedy

1327        Petrarch sees Laura,
leaves church, never attains her

1346        Siege Guns used by
English at Calais, 1st
in Europe

1348        Black Death Plague in
Europe, to ’50, kills 30% -60% of pop, 75m-200miliion

1368        last poems of the Canzoniere

1374        Petrarch dies

1382        Red Book of Hergest just
post this year

1394        Ikkyu Sojun born at Kyoto court, bastard of Emperor Go

1400        Chaucer dies

1401                Renaissance ‘begins’ in Florence w/ competing designs for Florence Cathedral doors

1415        Cosimo de’ Medici becomes Priore of Florence

1431        Joan of Arc burned at the stake

                Francois Villon born

1450        Printing Press 1st

1453        Fall of Constantinople to Ottoman

1461        Le Grand Testament Villon
between prison bids

1463        Villon disappears

1471        Corpus Hermeticum in Latin de Medici court, Ikkyu
meets Mori

1482        Ikkyu dies

1492                Columbus plague ships
‘discover’ Americas

1497        Bonfire of the Vanities
in Florence, Girolamo Savonarola

1500        Printing Press 20
million volumes

1519                Leonardo da Vinci dies

1521        Martin Luther excommunicated – can’t buy salvation

1552        Edmund Spenser born?

1558                Elizabeth (daughter of
Henry VIII) crowned, Dee/Ralegh/Drake, begin British Empire

                Renaissance begins in England

1564        William Shakespeare born

1582        John Dee meets Edward Kelly – Enochian angelic downloads

1588        Spanish Armada invasion of England

1599        Edmund Spenser dies


1603        Elizabeth dies, James IV of Scotland

1609        Shake-speares Sonnets

1616                Shakespeare dies

1637                 Discourse on
Rene Decartes, sets rules for scientific method

1650        1st NE Whale fishery Long Island,
Corpus Hermeticum in English

1665        Great Plague of London,
70k dead

1666        Great Fire of London

1687                 Principia
 Isaac Newton


1718        Edward Teach / Blackbeard KIA age 38

1719                Robinson Crusoe
Daniel Defoe, one of 1st English novels

1731        Defoe dies, age 71

1737        last Grand Duke de’ Medici dies

1757        William Blake born

1759        Robert Burns born

1760        George II dies, George III

1775                American Revolutionary War begins

1776                Declaration of
Thomas Jefferson

                Common Sense Thomas Paine

                The Wealth of
Adam Smith

1780        1st Police Force as
result of Gordon Riots in London

1781        10hp Watt Steam Engine, 1st
patent rotary

1783                American Revolutionary War

1784        Blake’s print shop, Joseph Johnson’s house (T. Paine,
Wollstonecraft, Godwin, etc)

1787                American Constitution

1791        Bill of Rights (1-10 Amendments to
Am. Constitution)

                Rights Of Man Thomas Paine

1793        Louis XVI executed

1796        Robert Burns dies


1802                Napoleonic Wars begin

                Age of Enlightenment ends

1803                 Louisiana Purchase Jefferson
(<3 cents/acre = $15 million)

1807        Internal Combustion 1st

1809        Alfred, Lord Tennyson born

1812        War of 1812

                Napoleon invades Russia

                Childe Harold
George Gordon, Lord Byron, Europe/Russia fame

                Charles Dickens born Portsea, England

1814        The Star Spangled Banner
Francis Scott Key

1815        Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon defeated

1816        Shelleys & Byron in Geneva

1818                Frankenstein,
Mary Shelley

John Keats

Percy Bysshe Shelley work begins

                Shelleys, Byron, Leigh Hunt in Italy

1819        Don Juan Byron,
sections published

                Walt Whitman born rural Long Island

                Herman Melville born NYC

1820        George III dies, George IV

1821                Electromagnetism discovered,
Faraday Electro-rotation motor

                The Defense of
Shelley essay

                Keats dies of tuberculosis & negative reviews,
age 26

1822        Shelley drowns, boat Don Juan capsizes, age 30

1824        Byron dies of fever on maneuvers, age 36

1827        William Blake dies

1828        Jules Verne born

1830        George IV dies, William IV

                Indian Removal Act / Trail of
Tears (Eastern tribes to OK)

1831        4-4-0 Locomotive

1835        Samuel Clemens born MO

1836                 Pickwick Papers
Dickens 1st Serialized

1837        Queen Victoria after William IV dies

                Oliver Twist serialized to ’39 Dickens

1840        Thomas Hardy born

1843        A Christmas Carol

1845        US annexes Texas, Mexican American
War (’46-’48)

                1st metal ammo cartridge, rimfire, France

                The Raven Poe

1846        Peak New England Whaling, to ‘52

1848        Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood founded:
Dante Rossetti, William Hunt, John Millais

                The Communist
Karl Marx

                The Mabinogion trans
Lady Charlotte Guest

1849        CA Gold Rush

                Poe dies, age 40

1851        Moby Dick Melville

1854        Arthur Rimbaud born

1855        Leaves of Grass

1857        Smith & Wesson Model 1, 1st
commercial metal cartridge revolver

                Flowers of Evil

1859        1st Commercial Drilled
Oil Well, Titusville, PA; begin oil boom

the Origin of Species

1860        Great Expectations
serial Dickens to ‘61

1861                 American Civil War begins

1863                Emancipation Proclamation

                Black Elk born

1865        Am. Civil War ends

                Abraham Lincoln assassinated

                Jumping Frog
Twain 1st

                Alice in
Lewis Carroll

                Five Weeks in a
Jules Verne 1st

                William Butler Yeats born in Dublin

1866        2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotive

                Butch Cassidy born

1867        Alaska Purchase

                Das Kapital
part 1
Karl Marx, Part 2 ’85 & Part 3 ’94 ed. Friedrich Engels

1869                Transcontinental Railroad
UP & CP meet in Utah

1870        Dickens dies, last serial printed

                20,000 Leagues
Under the Sea
Verne, inspires The
Drunken Boat

1871        Paris Commune

                The Drunken
Rimbaud (’69 1st)

                God and the
Mikhail Bakunin

1872        Hague Congress: Bakunin (Social
Anarchy) vs Marx (Communism)

1873        Market Panic

                Around the World in 80 Days Verne

                Statism and

1874        Rimbaud stops writing

1876                American Centennial, Colorado becomes a State in US

                Battle of Little Bighorn, Crazy
Horse vs. Custer

                Bell patents telephone

                Tom Sawyer Twain

1880        1st Commercial use carbon
filament Light Bulb

                1,300 Reefers on American Rails

                Butch Cassidy arrested for IOU age 14

1881        Billy the Kid killed by Pat Garret

1882        1st Electric Power Plants
London & NYC, Edison

                God is Dead
Nietzsche The Gay Science

                Jesse James murdered by Robert Ford

1884        Nikola Tesla emigrates to US, age 29, works for Edison
Machine Works

1885        Ezra Pound born in Idaho, move to PA age 2

                Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn

1886        Verse Libre, La Vogue magazine

1887        Mosada: A Dramatic Poem
Yeats 1st

                Karl Benz 1st

1888                Roundhay Garden Scene, 1st
Motion Picture

                Hermetic Order of the Golden
Dawn founded

1889        The Wanderings of Oisin
Yeats, he meets Maude Gunn

                Gerard Manley Hopkins dies, age 45

1890                Candlestick Telephone

                24,000 Reefers

                Wounded Knee Massacre

                Rhymers Club in London
founded by Yeats

                The Golden
Sir James Frazier

1891        Melville dies, Rimbaud dies

1892                Whitman dies, Alfred Lord Tennyson dies

                Edna St. Vincent Millay born

1893        Market Crash, Silver
devalued, ‘Railroad Bubble’ bursts

                Stein at Radcliffe(Harvard) student of William James
until ‘97

1895        Ragtime music

                The Time Machine HG Wells

1896        Butch Cassidy forms Wild Bunch gang in Wyoming

1897        The War of the Worlds,
The Invisible Man HG Wells

                Romantic Songs
Herman Hesse poetry 1st

1899        The Wind Among the Reeds Yeats

Interpretation of Dreams

                The Symbolist
Movement in Literature
Arthur Symons

                The Abbey Theatre Dublin
founded by Yeats & Lady Gregory

1900        70,000 Reefers

                Haiku form invented from renga starting lines

                The Wonderful
Wizard of Oz
L. Frank Baum

1901        Victoria dies, Edward VII

1902        WCW, Pound, HD meet at U of Penn

1903        Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, NC

                W.C. Handy discovers Delta

                Steins move to Paris, 27 rue de Fleurus

1904                Tungsten filament Light Bulbs

                Liber AL vel

1905        First Convention of Industrial Workers of the World,

                Jules Verne dies

1906        writing Making of
Stein to ‘08 or ‘11

1907        Financial Panic

                Chamber Music
Joyce 1st poems

                Proto-Cubist painting style
begins, develops through ‘11

1908        Ford Model T affordable automobile

                Newsreel film format P. Freres

                1st Commercial Radio transmission

                Pound moves to London, age 23, befriends Yeats

                A Lume Spento
Pound 1st

                Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid supposedly killed in

1909        Cubism begins w/ Picasso according
to Stein

Williams 1st book

1910        Edward VII dies, George V


of Eleusis
Crowley performance at
Caxton Hall

                Twain dies, Charles Olson born Worcester, MA

1911        Atomic Nucleus identified


                Salon des Independants 1st
Cubist exhibition, Paris

1912        Tender Buttons

Millay wins 4th in The Lyric
mag, controversy

                Salon de la
Section d’Or, Cubist retrospective exhibition, 200 works, Paris

                largest ship RMS Titanic
hits iceberg 1500 killed

1913        Federal Reserve Act

1914        World War One begins

                Leo Stein moves to Italy w/ part of Stein Collection

                Pound & Eliot meet in England

Joyce 1st prose

                William S. Burroughs born in KS?

1915        Des Imagistes
anthology by Pound

                The Birth of a
D.W. Griffith film, Hollywood rising

                Joe Hill framed (’14) & executed: “Don’t mourn,

1916        Theory of Relativity Einstein

                Technicolor introduced (to 1952)

                Cabaret Voltaire founded in
by Hugo Ball Tristan Tzara, others, Dada

1917                Bolshevik October Revolution

                1st three Cantos Pound

                Prufrock and
Other Observations
Eliot 1st

                Renascence and Other Poems Edna St. Vincent Millay 1st

                Gwendolyn Brooks born KS, grew
up Chicago

1918        World War One ends

                Major Flu epidemic in US

                Pulitzer Prize Sara Teasdale 1st woman

1919                d’Annunzio takes Fiume
(through ’20): Anarchist Republic

                1st Commercial International Airplane Flight, USA
– Canada

1920                 Woman’s Suffrage 19th
Amendment in US, many others

                Prohibition on Alcohol begins

                Jazz Age & Speakeasys

                1st Commercial Radio Broadcast

                Hugh Selwyn

                A Few Figs from
Millay on fem sexuality & feminism

                Pound moves to Paris

                Charles Bukowski born

1921        Nobel Prize Physics Einstein

1922        Soviet Union formed at end
Russian Civil War

                Tutankhamen’s Tomb discovered by Carter & Herbert

                The Waste Land



                The Fugitive
mag to 1925

1923        Tulips and Chimneys
Cummings 1st

                Nobel Prize for Poetry to Yeats

                Pulitzer Prize for Poetry Edna St. Vincent Millay (1st
woman) for The Ballad of the Harp Weaver

1924        Lenin dies, Stalin era follows

                Pound moves to Italy

                J. Edgar Hoover joins the Bureau of Investigation

Andre Breton

1925        A Draft of XVI Cantos

1926                Schrodinger’s Quantum
(published ’27)

                Rilke dies of leukemia, age 51

1927        A Survey of Modernist
Graves & Riding

                Poem beginning
Zukofsky to Pound

                Zukovsky begins work on “A”

                Thomas Hardy dies

                Last New England Whaling
Vessel sails, New Bedford

1929        Great Depression Stock
Market Crash

1930        Seven Types of
William Empson

                Whoroscope Samuel
Beckett 1st

                Gwendolyn Brooks begins prolific magazine poems, age

                Swing bands become popular

                Silent Films extinct

1931        Hesse begins planning Glass
Bead Game

1932                Animated Color Cartoons

                Black Elk
John Neihardt

1933        Adolf Hitler comes to power

                End of Prohibition

                King Kong
Merian C. Cooper film

                Black Mountain College founded, NC

1934        I, Claudius Graves,
using analeptic process

                John Dillinger killed outside Biograph Theater

Bonnie & Clyde, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd

1935        FBI founded by J. Edgar Hoover
BoI roots

                EPR Paradox paper (Einstein,
Podolsky, Rosen) QT incomplete

1936        George V dies, Edward VIII abdicates,
George VI

                The Hobbit JRR Tolkien

1937                Hindenburg disaster live
audio coverage

1938        Murphy Beckett 1st

R.P. Warren & Cleanth
Brooks, textbook

                The War of the
Welles radio broadcast hoax

1939        World War Two begins,
invasion of Poland

                Manhattan Project begins

                Heinkel He 178 1st
turbojet aircraft

                Wizard of Oz film

                Graves & Riding’s intense 12 year relationship
ends abruptly

                Pound visits US, begins association w/ Mussolini

                Yeats dies

1940        Section 10 of “A”

1941        Pearl Harbor

                The New

                Citizen Kane
Orson Welles film 1st

                Joyce dies

1943        The Glass Bead Game

                The Roebuck in the Thicket Graves begins 3G/ogham
work, age 48

                Tesla dies

1944        D-Day 6 June: 5000 ships, 160k
soldiers land

June 1st V1 Buzzbombs hit London

– March ’45: 3000 V2 rockets

                Pisan Cantos Pound in stockade for treason

                1 x 1

                Bukowski 1st Story in print

1945        Nuclear Fission:
Trinity, Little Boy, Fat Man

                World War Two ends

                A Street In Bronzeville  Gwendolyn
Brooks 1st

                Nag Hammadi
Gnostic Gospels discovered, Egypt

1946        Bebop Jazz begins

                Nobel Prize for Literature Herman Hesse

book one Williams

                Bukowski stops writing for 10 years

                HG Wells dies

1947        Solid State Transistor

                Motorola VT-71 television for $189.95,

                                Home Refridgerators, Telephones

NM UFO Crash

                The White Goddess Graves   

                To Carrado
Olson 1st

1948        State of Israel begin by UN

                Nobel Prize for Poetry Eliot

                Beckett writing Godot

                RA Heinlein & wife have idea for Stranger from Jungle Book

1949        People’s Republic of China
under Chairman Mao Zedong

                Bollingen Prize for Poetry to Pound, uproar

1950        Korean War begins


                Pulitzer for Poetry Gwendolyn Brooks for Annie Allen

                E. Vincent Millay dies, Black Elk dies

1951        On the Road Kerouac
(Town & Country ’50 1st)

1952        George VI dies, Elizabeth II

                1st Commercial Jet Service, London to

                A City Winter,
and Other Poems
O’Hara 1st

1953        Korean War ends

                Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro

                City Lights
Bookstore & Press
founded by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

                In Cold Hell,
In Thicket
and Maximus Poems 1-10

                Waiting for
Beckett premiere
in the Théâtre de Babylone, Paris

1954        Rock Around the Clock
Bill Haley & the Comets

                55% US households have a

                The Lord of the
Tolkien to ‘55

1955        Viet Nam War begins          

                Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycott
to 56

                The Vestal Lady
on Brattle
Corso 1st

                Pictures of the
Gone World
Ferlinghetti 1st

                Bukowski begins to write poetry

1956                 COINTELPRO of FBI begins

                Black Mountain collapse

                Howl Ginsberg
1st, obscenity trial of Ferlinghetti

1957        Sputnik launched

                The Return of
the Rivers
Richard Brautigan 1st

1958        Pound released from sanitorium “incurably insane but

1959        Alaska becomes a State in US

                Shunryu Suzuki arrives in San Francisco, age 55

1960        The Twist (’59 Hank
Ballad) song & dance by Chubby Checker

                The New American Poetry: 1945-1960 anthology Donald Allen ed.

1961        A Stranger in a Strange
RA Heinlein Hugo & Nebula

                Black Elk

                Bay of Pigs CIA failed
invasion of Cuba

1962        90% US households have a television

                Love Me Do Beatles 1st Hit

                Naked Lunch
Burroughs Grove (’59 Olympia wrong ms.)

                Cummings dies

1963        JFK Assassination

                The Fugs Sanders/Kupferberg/Weaver

                V. Thomas
Pynchon 1st

                WCW dies

1964        Civil
Rights Act
bans racial discrimination in workplace & public places

                Bell’s theorem arguing nonlocality

                British Invasion of the US
pop market lead by The Beatles

                Nobel Peace Prize to Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr.

                Furthur bus trip Kesey, Cassady

                The Sonnets Berrigan

                77 Dream Songs

                Lunch Poems

1965        US Combat Troops in Viet Nam

                Freak Out album Zappa/Mothers of Invention

1966                Tassajara Zen Mountain
Center, 1st Buddhist monastery outside Asia, S. Suzuki / Richard Baker

                O’Hara dies

1967        Summer of Love 100k kids to San

                Trout Fishing in America Brautigan (writ in ’61)

1968        Dr. King assassinated

1969        Apollo 11 lands on Moon

                Woodstock Music Festival
400k kids; proto-punk, proto-metal, psychedelic rock

                Nobel Prize in Literature Beckett

                Kerouac dies of alcoholism

                Black Sparrow Press begins funding Bukowski

1970        USA Peak Oil Production, steady
decline from here

                Olson dies

                Zen Mind,
Beginner’s Mind
Shunryu Suzuki

1971                COINTELPRO ends

                This mag
Language Poets begin?

                Be Here Now
Ram Dass

                Nobel Prize in Poetry Neruda

                Lew Welch suicide

1972        Pound dies in Venice, J. Edgar Hoover dies still Director of

1973        Wm Casey CIA: Job done when
everything American Public believes is a lie

                Roe v. Wade legalizes abortion

Pynchon Nat Book Award

                Pablo Neruda dies, age 69, no poison traced according
to 2013 forensics

1974        Beat Conference at Naropa Institute founding

1975        Viet Nam War ends

1976        Mao dies, Deng Xiopeng takes power,
modern reforms

                American Bicentential; Sex Pistols, Ramones, Clash

1977        TRS-80 Personal Computer

                SETI receives WOW signal
from 200 lightyears away

                Star Wars Lucas film

1978                L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E
mag begin, to 1982

                The Stand
Stephen King

1979        1st Hip-hop Album

                The Wall Pink Floyd album

1980        Ronald Reagan steals American election, begin Reaganomics: Politics of Greed

                John Lennon assassinated

                Riddley Walker Russell Hoban

1981                HIV/AIDS pandemic
recognized by CDC

1982        TCP/IP standard

                Compact Disc commercially

1983        1st Generation Cell Phone
network, Digital Answering Machines

                The Exquisite Corpse mag Codrescu

1984        Apple Macintosh 128k w/ GUI (1st
Xerox ’82)

William Gibson Hugo, Nebula, PKD, begin Cyberpunk Genre

                Brautigan suicide

1986                ‘Internet’ begin, 56kps
access to Supercomputers via Nat. Science Foundation

                Chernobyl nuclear plant

                Gangsta Rap begins w/

                Slam Poetry
at Get Me High Lounge in Chicago, Marc Smith 1st

1988        Naropa Institute accredited

                American Poetry
since 1970: Up Late
, anthology Codrescu ed.

1990        First Gulf War (Kuwait) to 1991, Broadcast Live

                1st National Poetry Slam

1991        Collapse of Soviet Union

                2G Cell Phones

1992                Snowcrash
Neal Stephenson

1994                Bukowski dies

1995        Internet fully commercialized

1996        Infinite Jest David
Foster Wallace

                Fight Club
Chuck Palahnuik (1999 film hit)

1997        Allen Ginsberg dies, WS Burroughs dies,

                The Exquisite
goes Online to 2011

1998                International Space Station
launched, 230 miles

1999        Seattle WTO Protests – begin 2nd
Gen Professional Activists worldwide

                The Outlaw
Bible of American Poetry
, anthology Alan Kaufman ed.

                The Matrix
Wachowski Brothers film

2000        George Bush Jr. steals American election w/ aid of Gov. Jeb Bush of FL

                ‘Internet Bubble’ bursts,
dot.com devalued, Market Crash into ‘01

                Gwendolyn Brooks dies

2001        9/11 Terrorist Attacks on World Trade
Towers NYC and Pentagon

                US Patriot Act erodes civil rights

                3G Smart Phones

2003        Second Gulf War (Iraq War) begins

                Human Genome Map completed

2006        World Peak Oil Production

2007                Recession to ’09, Credit
crisis due to Housing bubble peak in ‘06

2008        Barack Obama, 1st Black
President (vs Hillary Clinton in primary, 1st woman)

2011        Iraq War ends(?)

                Fukushima Nuclear Disaster from earthquake/tsumani

                Occupy Wall Street, worldwide protest

2012        Higgs Bosun proven?

2013                Quantum Fact: No Speed
Limit, Time is pre-Instantaneous

                Nelson Mandela dies

2014        Amiri Baraka dies, age 79

2015        CO2 Emissions Peak

2025        Lake Mead Critical Failure, no water to AZ, LA

2029        2014 NASA Study: First World Collapse

2030        9 Billion World Population; 50% increase in Food production or mass starvation/resource wars

2050        51% American population

2200        Stephen Hawking: Interplanetary Travel or Extinction