BAFS 6th Annual Summer Poetry Camp

July 5th-15th 2019 CE

Outlaw Poetics / Literary Activism

img_6096The history of American poetics is founded upon its Outlaws, from Whitman to Stein to Micheline, including the likes of the Imagistes, Harlem Renaissance, Post-Moderns (Black Mountain/SF Renaissance/Beat), and Slam. These out-law, or out-canon, poetic movements leave us now in the 21st Century with perhaps too many options. The recent development of the New Formalism in poetry may be indicative of wider American thought, and while instructive it is obviously counter-evolutionary. A retreat to formula in both academia and slam leaves us wondering just where is the new ‘Edge City’, as Kesey put it. Writing in the midst of the Sixth Global Extinction we must ask what level of outlawin’ is called for to derail our exponentially increasing climate disaster…

lookNiceBanksyIn the light of blatantly partisan media and GovCorp spin, it may be time for poets to rethink their job descriptions. Because there is no perceived economic value in poetry, we are free to follow a primary BAFS precept of “Speak the Truth.” Perhaps alone of all the known human professions, there is no reason for a poet to lie. So perhaps our job as outlaws, as poets, is to ‘steal’ back the Truth from the Spin. However, little good does it do if the Truth is contained on a page no-one reads, so a part of our new job description must be public dissemination. In person. Out Loud.

FDGDPSThe 6th Annual BAFS Summer Poetry Camp will feature the one-day Outlaw Poetics Conference, backed up by ten days of workshops surrounding this core topic at the Boulder Public Library and Love Shovel Ranch in Nederland. Numerous other events such as teacher & student feature readings, performance opportunities with Drunken Self Defense, Black Market Translation, and the notorious Drunken Haiku Competition will fill out a week and a half of mad creativity.

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2019 Camp Instructors

Dionne Barry, Reed Bye, Matt Clifford, Madison Coia, Troy Conrey, Dani Ferrara, Eric Fischman, Caito Foster, Roseanna Frechette, Marcus If, Shayna Lynn, Brice Maiurro, Michael Malpiedi, Caitlan Mitchell, Thomas R. Peters Jr., Sarah Rodriguez, Ellie Swensson, Jessie Thayer, Seth Walker, Eliza Beth Whittington, TBA

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17474336_10209211531347822_430131576_oA core principle of the Free Skool is that all of our events are Free to attend. Our instructors pay their travel costs out of pocket and we estimate will spend 700 volunteer hours on the Skool this year alone. We will not pass around donation jars at events, so a great way to show your support for the Skool is to join us as a Member. Here’s how:

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Our Community, Our Patrons

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our community. From grants and donations to fiscal and residence sponsors, all of our community supporters large and small are listed below. Without their help, we could not offer the level of 100% Free quality peer-to-peer education and public literary events that our BAFS standards demand. Honor the Patrons!

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2019 Schedule: Tentative

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Sunday,_June 9th
7pm BPL Second Sunday Workshop —Marcus If
Monday,_June 17th
8pm Chpl So, You’re A Poet Open Reading — Hosted by Tom Peters, Wesley Chapel, Boulder
11:59pm Aley Strawberry Full Moon Alley Reading
Friday,_June 21st
LSR Summer Solstice Revelry at LSR
Sunday,_June 23rd
7pm Merc Jam B4 the Slam BAFS Edition — Hosted by Roseanna Frechette, Mercury Café, Denver
Sunday, June 30th
6:30pm Cort June 30th, June 30th Brautigan Reading —Hosted by Rob Geisen, Pearl St. Courthouse Lawn, Boulder
Thursday,_July 4th
11am LSR American Independence Day

BAFS Summer Poetry Camp:

Friday, July 5th
8pm LSR Burn Yr Poem Opening Ceremony — Hosted by Thomas Ivory Jr.
Saturday, July 6th
10am-1pm BPL Intro to BAFS —Sarah Rodriguez at Boulder Public Library, Boulder Creek Meeting Room
2-6pm LSR Outlaw Poetics / Literary Activism Conference
8pm LSR Drunken Haiku Competition — Hosted by Marcus If
Sunday, July 7th
11-1pm LSR Intro to TAZ / Immediatism — Marcus If
2-5pm LSR How F*cketh Shall We Then? —Shayna Lynn
7pm Merc Jam B4 the Slam — Hosted by Roseanna Frechette, Mercury Café, Denver
Monday, July 8th
10-1pm LSR Ladies’ Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society — LSR Crew
2-5pm LSR Revolution of Intimacies — Ellie Swensson & Michael Malpiedi
8:45pm Chpl Ten Word Prompts —Tom Peters, Wesley Chapel, Boulder
9pm Chpl BAFS Teacher Feature & Open — Hosted by Tom Peters, Wesley Chapel, Boulder
Tuesday, July 9th
10-1pm LSR TBA
2-5pm LSR Reality Transgressions —Eric Fischman & Jessie Thayer
7pm Inis Inisfree Open Mic — Innisfree Café, Boulder
7pm Mtny Punketry — Mutiny Info Café, Denver
Wednesday,_July 10th
10am-1pm LSR Bardic Paradigm Framing — Seth Walker
2-5pm LSR **Rescheduled**
7pm LSR Big Pasta Dinner / Open Reading — Hosted by LSR Crew
Thursday, July 11th
10-1pm LSR Prophecies from the Void —Dani Ferrara
2-5pm LSR That’s the Feel – Dharma Poetics —Reed Bye
7pm LSR Nature in the Sacred Self —Dionne Barry
Friday, July 12th
10am-1pm LSR Ladies’ Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society — LSR Crew
2-5pm LSR Poetry of Earth is Never Dead —Caitlan Mitchell
7pm LSR Self Defense for Poets —Capt. Troy Conrey USMC Ret.
8pm LSR Self Defense While Drunk —Capt. Troy Conrey USMC Ret.
Saturday, July 13th
10am-1pm LSR Smoking Prana —Roseanna Freschette
2-5pm LSR Improvisation, Memorization and Recitation —Eliza Beth Whittington
8pm LSR Black Market Translation show — Hosted by BMT & LSR Crew
Sunday, July 14th
10am-1pm LSR Fucks, GiveawayMatt Clifford
2-6pm BPL “Second Sundays” Ecopoetic Activism Pt III w/ Marcus If at Boulder Public Library, Outside Amphitheater
7pm Merc Jam B4 the Slam Open — Hosted by Roseanna Freschette, Mercury Café, Denver
Monday, July 15th
10-1pm LSR Poetic Deviance & Digital Theft — Madison Coia
2-5pm LSR Renegade Publishing — Caito Foster
8:45pm Chpl Ten Word Prompts —Tom Peters, Wesley Chapel, Boulder
9pm Chpl BAFS Student Feature & Open — Hosted by Tom Peters, Wesley Chapel, Boulder

Camp FAQ

Workshops will be held at both the Boulder Public Library and Love Shovel Ranch. Please remember these spaces are Temporary Autonomous Zones, Autonomous as in be Responsible for yrself and others. Clean up yr trash (including All cigarette butts and bottle caps), recycle yr empties, wash yr dishes. No grease or hair in the drains, NOTHING in the toilet that didn’t come out of yr body except TP. Love Shovel Ranch rests in the heart of the wilderness; Leave No Trace. Weather permitting, workshops are held outside in the grove, so keep in mind the following :

Boulder Public Library Boulder Creek Meeting Room, Outside Amphitheater; 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder
Love Shovel Ranch 722 Caribou Road, Nederland (behind Lilac hedge)

Travel Alert!

Both Boulder Canyon (Hwy 119) and Coal Creek Canyon (Hwy 72) have multiple construction areas. Boulder Canyon is closed entirely M-Th 9:45-2pm. It takes 45-60 minutes to traverse just Boulder canyon when it is open, there are at least 3 long stoplights in the canyon. Additionally, it is randomly closed due to rockslides from construction (at least twice in the last month). This means everyone must plan for long travel times to get to workshops on time. We have a pretty tight schedule, so this will be important.

Weather Alert!

Weather is looking like last year – likely overcast 50% of the time, temps 65-70 degrees, probable drizzle-rain. However, keep in mind the weather Will change During the workshops, anywhere from 40-95 degrees are possible and even probable. Layered clothing is crucial to your comfort. Love Shovel Ranch is in the High Wilderness, be prepared.

What to bring:

  • Enthusiasm!
  • Pen(S!) & Paper
  • Bug Spray & Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle. We have fresh spring water to refill.
  • Personal Fuel (Snack food, Real food, whiskey, coffee, tobacco, etc.)
  • Toiletries as necessary given yr duration
  • Layered Clothing. Bikini one minute & rain parka the next. Nights are chilly.
  • Picnic/Pass-out Blanket
  • Additional ‘camping gear’ as necessary given yr duration. Folding Chair?
  • Toys, Costumes, & Curiosities
  • Snacks
  • Poetry Schwag

What not to bring:

Narcotics are not allowed at the Ranch. No pills, powders, daily dabbers thanks.
The Ranch is mostly young-child friendly, but not during workshops or parties.
Due to wildlife and distraction, no untrained dogs are allowed. No second chances.
Bigots of any kind are immediately ejected. No second chances.
Violence, including verbal, against any living being is not tolerated.
Styrofoam / non recyclable packaging.

The Ranch is 420 & booze friendly. Overuse at workshops is a distraction for everyone.
Please be polite and discrete when smoking around the Boulder Public Library.

Wish List!

  • BAFSkool Laptop – Urgent!
  • Audio/Video Recording Equipment – (wireless/)microphone!
  • Snacks
  • Coffee & Ciggies
  • Whiskey & Weed
  • Toilet Paper & Dish Soap
  • White Sugar for Hummingbirds
  • Food to share
  • Olive Oil & Honey

Tax free donations to Beyond Academia LLC are humbly appreciated!

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