Intro to TAZ/Immediatism with Marcus If
When Siddhartha got up from under the bodhi tree, the first thing he said was “With our thoughts we create the world”. In the West, this can be expanded upon as: Given that we exist in a state of Ontological Anarchy, the only sane response is Immediatism, and thus we celebrate in Temporary Autonomous Zones. Huh?
In this introductory workshop we will examine these philosophies expounded by the anarcho-spiritualist poet Hakim Bey, which we use as foundational material in the social constructs of BAFS & LSR. What does Autonomous mean? How do we conduct ourselves among other autonomous, and non-autonomous, beings? In Immediatism we find cause for revelry, relishing the ‘Be Here Now’ in the choice of our shared experience. The question to poets then becomes how to translate these ideas and experiences onto the page.

Ecopoetic Activism Pt. III with Marcus If
“{The Poet’s} function is truth, whereas the scholar’s is fact. … Fact is not truth, but a poet who willfully denies fact cannot achieve truth.” – Robert Graves
This edition of the ecopoetics workshop we will deal with facts and truths. We will discuss Ed Sanders’ Investigative Poetics, and how the ‘Truth is a Myth’ that we co-create. We’ll look at a few examples from Sanders and Ginsberg, and discuss their ‘framing’ from a Neuro-Linguistic Programming vantage. Bring a series of facts (real or imaginary) on an environmental subject, and we’ll see what kind of ‘truths’ we can construct from them. This will be a practical workshop for understanding how Spin is made.
The internet was a great invention for a brief period because it brought voices out of the dark. Within a decade it just became an unbearable light, because the card catalog still doesn’t tell you who’s cool and now there are a billion more entries.

Renegade Publishing with Spit Poet
How do we change the social narrative to reflect our own experiences in a world
saturated with garbage media? Learn covert tactics for self expression and distribution of ideas during a mediapocalypse, as well as self publishing / Zine making as a tool for community organizing and social change. Bring a project you wish to mock up or
work on, OR start something completely new off the top. We will write, we will collage, we will discuss, and look at zines from our community and the impact they’re having. You’ll walk away inspired and engaged in your own self publishing process.